Hawaiian dress designer over 60 years

There used to be several Hawaiian fashion designers in the past. People used to wear more Hawaiian clothing, such as aloha shirts and Muumuu for aloha Friday.
Muumuu is the relaxed style long dress, great for hot climate and fit for any size people. Nowadays, less and less women wear Hawaiian dresses. There are fewer Hawaiian dress designers.
Hawaii used to be an apparel industry on time, but there are only aloha shirts manufactures left in here.
Big name manufacturer, such as Hilo Hatti closed their business few years ago.
Princess Kaiunai Fashions is the almost only one Hawaiian designer brand left in the island.
We try to survive and pass out to this beautiful Hawaiian traditional fashions to next generations. We provide high school graduation gowns, which are white Hawaiian dress and students dance all together with beautiful Hawaiian dress.
We try to manufacture in this island as much as possible. We also use hand-print silk screen fabric for certain designs.
We do custom make wedding dresses and Hawaiian dresses for hula groups and graduation ceremony.
We have in house patterner and sewers, not outsourcing any other places.
Your purchase support this island community and tradition.
I hope you can enjoy island beauty and help supporting our tradition.
Thank you.


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